Working towards Zero Waste

One of the frequent things that we are asked is if we know if there are places that take old/used furniture and other items, to be re-used, rather than it going to landfill.

Below are some of the organisations that may be able to help within the local area.  Some projects offer a free collection service. All are not for profit organisations who use their project for fundraising, as a training programme for young adults or to help people out who have very little and are starting out, such as those coming out of a long term stay in hospital.

Here are a few links and ideas that may be helpful. 

For smaller items of furniture don’t forget our local charity shops.  However when it comes to larger items like wardrobes and couches you may need some more options.

One such project is Oskars. In their own words, “Oskars is a Re-use and Recycling Centre in Paisley. In partnership with Renfrewshire Council and supported by INCREASE funding, Oskars aims to help reduce landfill, create jobs and training and also provides an exciting retail outlet for refurbished second hand goods… we are able to clear out void properties too, when required.”

St Vincent’s and ACCORD Charity shops are also able to uplift furniture, as is the RAMH Re-use Superstore.

Recycle for Scotland’s Re-use Line can also arrange for a local organisation to uplift good condition, second hand items, that you wish to pass on. (Sofas will have to have their fire-tags still attached for legal reasons.)

Million of pieces of furniture are given away through websites like Gumtree and freecycle, some local facebook groups also exist such as facebay ‘johnstone’ for example.

You may also want to  try looking at Zero Waste Scotland’s resources.


If you can’t make it to one of our Bike Swaps, many of the above organisations will also accept bikes. If you can travel further afield, there are a few dedicated bike projects in Glasgow that take unwanted bikes, refurbish them, then sell them. For example, The Bike Station who are based in the West End of Glasgow and Soul Riders in the South Side, will take your old bike and also have a selection of refurbished ones if you would like something a bit cheaper than a brand new one and also want to help the environment.

Please get in touch if you have any ideas to help other residents in Renfrewshire get a new home for old furniture or other unwanted items.  email