Free Thermal Imaging and Draught Testing

Pinpoint problems in your house with free Thermal Imaging and Draught Testing from LEAP.

Is your house draughty or difficult to heat?

Do you have high fuel bills?

Losing home warmth through draughts and leaks can be one of the biggest causes of household energy loss (up to 15%) costing you comfort and money. But once you know where the heat is escaping from, it is also one of the easiest and cheapest problems to fix.

If appropriate for your home, LEAP can help local residents find out where your home heat energy goes with a free Draught Test or Thermal Image.

What is a Thermal Image?

A thermal image

During the winter months when you have your home heating on, a thermal image can be taken to show where heat is escaping from your home. Trained professionals assess the image to identify problem areas of a property that can be treated to prevent heat loss. You are then provided with a report and a video clip that is specific to your home, giving you additional advice that can help you save money and energy.

What is a Draught Test?

Draught Test
Draught Test

A non-invasive draught test is carried out by a specialist engineer in your home in about an hour and a half. An adjustable framed fan seals up your front door and sucks some of the air out of the house. This allows draughts and leaks to be easily identified. The engineer records the results on video which is sent to you with a written report explaining ways to fix leaks and gaps found on the test.

We can determine your home’s suitability for a Thermal Image or Draught Test through a free LEAP Home Energy Check or if you would like to know more phone us on 01505 842530, email, or pop into one of the the LEAP Offices at 22 Church St, Lochwinnoch or Advance Place, Bridge of Weir.