Electric Bikes

2014-08-14 10.33.14Fancy an alternative to driving, but think cycling is too much effort? Just need a bit of extra oomph when you’re cycling?

Why don’t you try an electric bike?

What’s Next?

If you like the idea of getting a new or used ‘e-bike’… where do you begin?  Here are some options for you to look at and things to consider:

  • The Bike Station is a social enterprise in Glasgow that offer value for money on standard bike repairs, cycling activities, training and groups… as well as being able to help you source an Electric Bike.
  • There are many manufacturers of electric bikes and many standard bike retailers are now selling ebikes.

Hints and Tips – looking for an electric Bike: 

  1. Test drive it – It’s an investment worth making, but make sure you are happy with the final bike you choose to go with in the end.
  2. Try out a few – Many electric bikes vary in weight, size, cost, comfort, battery efficiency, pedal power requirements etc… so hop on and try a few electric bikes to help you get the right one.
  3. Think about your possible usage – LEAP were looking for a robust bike that has been used by other projects in the UK as an Electric Bike hire option, so we ended up with just that!… Feedback suggests that we could go a bit lighter on the frame, have easier access to the battery and the riding position can feel a bit strange (this can be addressed to a degree by considering each rider when you hire the Electric Bike out)
  4. Ask questions – consider questions like; what does it weight (battery off and on), how long does it take to charge? does it suit my type of planned usage/cycling/journeys?
  5. Think about when the battery is empty (is the bike light enough, where will I store my Electric Bike when it is charging, where is the best place in the house to charge the battery?)

The Benefits – well some of them

Many of the people who have taken a shot of the Electric Bike so far have given us great feedback and been very positive about them, the benefits that people have mentioned from even just short hires include:

  • Reduced dependency on a car – The Electric Bike has replaced car journeys for one local resident by 110 miles – saving fuel costs, car depreciation and reducing the impact on the environment
  • Health and Fitness – The Electric Bike assists cycling, so you can use it to help you get fit again or to tackle the ‘uphill struggles’ making journeys easier and more fun.
  • Well-being – local residents have said that they got out in the fresh air more often and felt better for it.
  • Back on the saddle – ‘I have not been on a bike for years and the Electric Bike has given me confidence again’.
  • Cycle to the station – reduce cars in the station car parks by taking an Electric Bike.