Solid Wall Insulation Pilot

LEAP is pleased to be working with Renfrewshire Council, which has secured funding from Scottish Government to pilot a SOLID WALL INSULATION SCHEME in the PA12 postcode area.



The programme will install internal and external wall insulation, free of charge in several homes with solid walls in Lochwinnoch.

The properties are either owned by home owners or rented by private tenants, in Council Tax Band A, B or C in the Lochwinnoch PA12 postcode area. The homes are solid wall or cavity walls too narrow to fill.  Eligibility of the property was subject to survey by the installer Everwarm.

If you missed out in the Pilot, you may be able to get solid wall insulation by paying for it yourself, or through Green Deal.  The first place to start would be with a FREE Home Energy Check from an Energy Adviser from LEAP, who will be able to advise you.

What is meant by Solid Walls ?

Solid wall houses are made of stone, brick or concrete, usually built prior to the Second World War.

What other types of Wall Construction are there ? 

After the Second World War most properties were built with a cavity, a gap between the outer and inner wall, which can be filled with insulation, or more recently, timber framed houses with insulation attached to the inner wall.

How are solid wall houses insulated ?

Insulation can be applied on the outside of the property, this is expensive but very effective.  If the house is listed, in a conservation area or you don’t want to change the appearance of the property, internal insulation can be put onto the inside of these external walls.    This is done on a room by room basis to minimise the disruption.

What are the benefits to me ?

  • Wall insulation could reduce your heating bills by up to 50%.
  • Your house will feel warmer and less draughty.
  • Your house will warm up faster after your heating is switched on and retain the heat longer.
  • As energy prices continue to rise you will be protecting yourself from even higher bills in future.
  • The work will improve the appearance of your property.
  • You will improve the energy rating, which will increasing the resale value of the house.
  • It can cost around £7,000 to carry out these measures in a whole house.  In this pilot programme the insulation was offered free of charge to eligible house holders and subject to survey and funding availability.

How do I find out more ?

Contact the LEAP office on 01505 612 034

Why are Council and Housing Association Houses Excluded ?

Councils and Housing Associations are applying to the Scottish Government for separate funding to improve the insulation of council and housing association owned properties with solid walls.  Only privately owned and rented houses are eligible for the funding that is currently available through this programme.

Where has the money come from to pay for the Pilot Scheme ?

The main source of funding to pay for the solid wall insulation has come from ECO – The Energy Company Obligation, secured by the installer Everwarm.  ECO is funding set aside by the energy companies for energy saving improvement in hard to treat (solid wall) homes. Renfrewshire Council have also secured a limited amount of funding from Scottish Government to augment the ECO funding, thus ensuring the installation is free of charge to eligible householders.  Renfrewshire Council’s funding comes from the Scottish Governments HEEPS-ABS programme: Home Energy Efficiency Programme Scotland – Area Based Scheme.

How many properties will be insulated ?

This is a pilot project.  Funding will be allocated on a first come first served basis, subject to survey and planning permissions.  It is anticipated that around 15 properties will be insulated in this phase.  We hoped the pilot will be successful and additional funding secured in order to extend the programme.

Who will do the insulation work ?

All work will be carried out by Everwarm who have been approved by Renfrewshire Council, suitably certified and insured.  Everwarm were originally established in 1984, but were taken over through a series of acquisitions, and latterly were part of Carillion, one of the largest construction companies in the UK.  Their original management team separated from Carillion in 2011 re-establishing the Everwarm brand.  They are now the largest independent installer in Scotland. Their website address is

What does solid wall insulation cost? 

Installation of solid wall insulation for those in the Pilot is free of charge.  This could be worth over £7,000 and will increase the energy efficiency of the property.  Whether in the Pilot, Green Deal, or through paying privately for solid wall insulation, the exact cost of the work being carried out will depend upon the size of your house, the number of external walls being insulated and whether external or internal wall insulation or mixture of the two is deemed to be the best solution for your particular property.

How disruptive will the work be?

For internal wall insulation: – There is no need to move out.  You need to prepare for moving furniture out of or to the side of rooms, to cover items in sheets and blankets and the loss of a whole room for a number of days at a time. Installers will be in your home for approximately 2 days with a further day for basic redecoration of the affected walls.  It is inevitable that some dust will be created during the process while the work is carried out.  Work can be carried out almost immediately and at any time of year.

For external insulation: – This is less disruptive but can only be carried out in dry, frost free weather and will involve the erection of scaffolding and may require alterations to any vents or flues that go through the wall being treated.  In conservation areas and with listed buildings this will first require planning permission, though elsewhere it is considered to be permitted development.  In all circumstances it will require a building warrant.

Will I lose any of the period features that give the house its character?

No, the way the insulation is fitted you will still be able to see artifacts such as period cornicing and the original skirting board will be reinstated.

I’m not sure what solid wall insulation is, how do I find out more ? 

Contact LEAP on 01505 612 034 for a chat and to see some examples of solid wall insulation.

I’ve missed the original Pilot– what can I do?

LEAP can still help you improve the energy efficiency of your home through our usual work, which is separately funded by the Climate Challenge Fund. However, if we have enough people wanting the additional insulation creating a database of interested parties will give us evidence that the programme should be rolled out to others.   Contact us at or phone the LEAP office on 01505 612 034 and let us know if you are interested.