LEAP Car Club

LEAP Car Club gives you all the convenience of a car without the hassle and expense of owning one.  A community, not for profit club, we have cars parked centrally in Lochwinnoch, Linwood and Bridge of Weir that can be hired for as little – or as long as you want, with access to the cars 24 hours a day.  Cars can be booked online at a moments notice or booked up to 6 months in advance.

What our members say

  • ‘I’ve now got access to a reliable car just when I need it.’  
  • ‘I joined today and have already been out for my first drive — incredibly quick and easy processing of my application,’  
  • ‘The car is so handy.  It only takes a minute to book, then you’re away.’ 
  • ‘The Car Club is fantastic. Joining the Car Club meant I didn’t need to replace my car – I now just use the Car Club when I need to travel.’ 
  • ‘Before I joined the Car Club I had serious problems getting out of the village to visit friends and family, go to the supermarket, swimming pool etc because of my working hours and poor public transport… In short, the Club has given me a new lease of life and I think it gives great value for money.


We now offer two different kind of membership options: a one-off annual payment of £60 or monthly membership subscription.

The monthly membership subscription works by paying £15 upfront and then £5 per month, by standing order, thereafter. This can be cancelled at anytime.

We also offer temporary one month memberships for £10.


Toyota Auris Hybrid (Lochwinnoch) – £4.69 + 16p per mile
Nissan Leaf (Lochwinnoch) – £4.99 per hour + 6p per mile
Toyota Auris Hybrid (Linwood) –  £4.69 per hour  + 16p per mile – Linstone Tenants Pay £1.50 per hour +16p per mile

For longer hires a more competitive ‘per day’ rate can be offered.


We’ve teamed up with Linstone Housing to offer its tenants a limited number of free memberships and a discounted hire rate of £1.50 per hour and 16p per mile. Contact us to find out more.


Fuel is paid using the LEAP Car Club fuel card at no cost to you.  You hand the card to the petrol station and we pay the bills. For the electric car, you just swipe the card provided, and we sort out the rest.

We also take a deposit per household in case of accident. This can be either £100 in cash or security by credit card. In the event of an accident the driver is liable for £250 excess.  No accident, no charge.

Where are the cars?
Lochwinnoch – Location: The McKillop car park. Vehicles: Nissan Leaf Electric Car & Toyota Auris Hybrid.

Linwood–  Belmar Court Car Park. Vehicle: Toyota Auris Hybrid.

Who can join?
Drivers with a full current driving licence (UK or EU)

Drivers over 21  years of age

Drivers with 2 years motoring experience with no more than 6 penalty points

How do I join?
The LEAP Car Club Coordinator will take you quickly through the whole process. We will take a copy of your driving licence,  a copy of a utility bill or other proof of address, the payment for annual membership and the refundable deposit or credit card details.

We will explain the booking process, the car features and controls and the terms and conditions of use (all of which can be viewed on line at www.leapcarclub.co.uk) The Car Club Coordinator will be happy to answer any questions you might

To find out more or to join contact Mike or Regine

Email: mike@myleapproject.org and regine@myleapproject.org
Call:  0300 020 0639

LEAP Energy for Business

We provide local businesses, charities, social enterprises, health organisations and many more with commercial energy supply services to help them manage gas and electricity costs, save money and we reinvest back into our community and environmental work.  To find out more about our commercial switch service and save money on gas and electricity bills click here