The LEAP Project Team

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LEAP deliver a range of free and impartial services to communities throughout Renfrewshire. We help residents save energy and money by providing free impartial advice on insulation, draught proofing, heating, renewables, grants and subsidies and encourage renewable energy developments at a community and domestic level. We also offer advice and activities to reduce waste and run Car Clubs in Lochwinnoch, Bridge of Weir and Linwood.

The project team are:

  • Energy Advisors , Ruth MacLeod, Alasdair Bryson and Paul Gallacher, who carry out Home Energy Checks in the villages, with support from  Community Liaison Officer, Ingrid Ewan-McRae.
  • Youth Development Coordinator, Gillian Steel, who focuses on youth engagement,  alongside Community Development Officer, Susie Smith, who works with the local Primary Schools and community groups and Community Development & Outreach Officer, Lesley Ritchie, who works with the wider community.
  • LEAP Car Club Coordinator, Mike Callaghan, who manages our three Car Clubs.
  • Beth Furini, who works in our “unique boutique” ReMode shop in Lochwinnoch.
  • Depute Project Manager, Jen O’Brien, who is focusing on managing the Energy aspects of LEAP and supporting the team of contractors to meet our aims for energy efficiency within the local communities.
  • The Project Manager is Scott Duncan.

LEAP – Local Energy Action Plan is a Scottish Charitable Incorporated Organisation (SCIO) Charity Number SC044019. The Project has offices at 22 Church Street in Lochwinnoch, at Advance Place, Main Street in Bridge of Weir and operates from The Old Library Centre at 9 Low Barholm in Kilbarchan.

The LEAP Board of Trustees

The Project team are managed by a Voluntary Board of Trustees made up of members of the local community.

The current board members are Martin Mansell, Lesley Scott, Colin Taylor, Russell Gibb & Barrie Shepherd.  We are currently looking for new board members who want to make a difference, to find out more click here

If you’d like to be more involved with the project, perhaps would like some help from the LEAP team or would like  to volunteer as a trustee,  please speaking to any of the people named above, drop into one of the LEAP offices,  phone 01505 842 530 or  email

Local Energy Action Plan (LEAP) SCIO – Charity Number SC044019

On 21st May 2013 LEAP became a Scottish Charitable Incorporated Organisation (SCIO), established for Charitable purposes.  In particular LEAP’s objects are to:

– Advance environmental protection and improvement by promoting, empowering and enabling sustainable communities through energy conservation and efficiency, encouragement of the usage of natural resources and reduction of carbon use, pollution and waste;

– Advance education by raising awareness and encouraging communities to consider their impact on the environment;

– Encourage community participation in contributing to environmental improvement and ensure the services offered meet the needs of the community, and help to provide new skills and perspectives

LEAP Energy 

We provide local businesses, charities, social enterprises, health organisations and many more with commercial energy supply services to help them manage gas and electricity costs, save money and we reinvest back into our community and environmental work.  To find out more about our commercial switch service and save money on gas and electricity bills click here

Our Funders

LEAP (Local Energy Action Plan) is funded by the Scottish Government through the Climate Challenge Fund to work with local villages of Kilbarchan, Howwood, Lochwinnoch, Bridge of Weir, Brookfield, Houston & Crosslee to meet the climate challenge at a community level.  Key objectives for the project fall under Energy, Education & Transport.  LEAP are very pleased to have secured funding for our core activities with the support of the Climate Challenge Fund until April 2017.  LEAP aim to make the project more sustainable into the future by planning ahead, keeping our vision in mind, working closely with the residents within the villages and creating sustainable income streams through social/community enterprise.

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Carpluscarplus logo have supported the development of LEAP Car Club and provided 5 cars since 2012, and part funded another, for use by members within the community.  LEAP Car Club was planned and developed from identifying a need within Lochwinnoch by local residents looking for an alternative to second (or in some cases) 1st/3rd car ownership within a household.  Many of our members are looking for convenience or a more economical option as opposed to paying for a car ‘just to sit outside the house’.

Membership and Associations

LEAP are LEAP are members of EASpleased to be members of Energy Action Scotland, working towards the eradication of Fuel Poverty in Scotland.  Click here to find out more about Energy Action Scotland.






LEAP is also a member of CRNS (Community Resources Network Scotland). To read more about CRNS and its members, visit their website,


Awards & Recognition

May 2013 – Greener Scotland – Greener Together Community Awards – HIGHLY COMMENDED

let's go greener together - greener scotland

LEAP are pleased to announce we received recognition for our work in Bridge of Weir, Howwood, Kilbarchan & Lochwinnoch from the Scottish Government Greener Scotland Initiative.

Thank you to Greener Scotland and all of our partners for helping us get the opportunity to continue to work with communities in Renfrewshire. 

Other Local Groups

LEAP are keen to facilitate the development of local groups.  Since inception in 2010 LEAP have supported the set up of a number of community led groups:

Eat Lochwinnoch

The group are keen to develop local food initiatives such as the Food Fair/Mini Food Fair in Lochwinnoch.  The most recent group development is the establishment of the Organic Fruit and Veg Delivery Club which provides a fortnightly delivery of boxes or individual products to Lochwinnoch.

Lochwinnoch Community Development Company (LCDC), previously Lochwinnoch Renewables Group

Lochwinnoch Renewables Group, set up in 2010 with funding support through LEAP from CCF, helped facilitate the groups review of possible community renewable energy opportunities in and around Lochwinnoch.  In March 2013  the group set up as a separate company limited by guarantee (SC445206) and became Lochwinnoch Community Development Company (LCDC) which aims to develop local projects that create a Social, Economic and Environmental benefits to people living in Lochwinnoch.  Company Limited by Guarantee status allows the group to apply for funding for community renewable projects and ensures any assets or capital that the company owns/develops are locked in for community benefit.  Find out more about LCDC at

Grow Kilbarchan

A community organisation, bringing like minded people together in Kilbarchan and the surrounding area, encouraging the growing of fruit, veg and flowers in gardens and community spaces.

Find out more about each of these groups in the community section of the LEAP website, group websites and facebook pages.