Big Energy Saving Week

Big Energy Saving Week (27-31 January)

The CAB service is today launching Big Energy Saving Week – an intensive information campaign that will urge people across the country (Scotland, England & Wales) to take advantage of cost-cutting schemes that could save them hundreds of pounds a year. Big Energy Saving Week is supported by the UK Government and the fuel companies as well as the CAB service and other charities. It will run from 27-31 January and aims to help consumers take practical steps to make cuts to their bills by checking they are on the best deal, switching tariff or supplier and taking up help to insulate their homes to cut the amount of fuel they use.


For details of the campaign  – including a live Q&A with a Consumer Adviser @CitizensAdvice on Thursday 12.30-1.30 #BESW14 – see the Citizens Advice Scotland website: