Bike Swap is back! 6th February in Lochwinnoch

Get ready for the Lochwinnoch BIKE SWAP on Saturday 6th February at the Annexe, Lochlip Road.

Dust off your bikes for the approach of spring and get cycling! Bike the wrong size? Swap it for another. Unused bike lurking at the back of the garage? Donate it, so another can use it. No bike to swap? Come along to see if we have one that suits you.4008 LEAP Bikeswap Houston (2)

Susie Smith, LEAP’s Waste and Education Officer has a great deal of experience of running Bike Swaps across our villages and talks about the merits. ‘Bike swaps encourage our communities to re-use and re-cycle our bicycles by passing them onto to someone else who needs them rather than having them sent to a landfill site. They also encourage people to cycle, whether it be to school, to work or simply for leisure and fun. In summary Bike Swaps are an active way of getting people involved in recycling and re-use and in using a bike and cycling. Children always need another size up and may only have had one or two summers out of their bike, young people are always on the look-out for a change of bike and adults like to swap their bikes for another one that has a more suitable style or comfortable saddle. After LEAP’s last Swap in Houston, we were also able to donate 16 unwbikeswapanted and unrideable bikes to the Kibble Works charity so that they could refurbish them and sell them as part of their social enterprise work.’

For this BIKE SWAP, bikes can be dropped off at 12 noon on Saturday 6th February at The Annexe, Lochlip Road, Lochwinnoch, with the Bike Swap starting at 12.30. If you have no bike to swap, come along at 1.30pm to see if we have one that suits you.

For more information, please email or check out our Facebook page