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Practical: cutting the energy bills

Ellen gives us a very visual demo and explanation of the bill reducing measures that were taken in her house earlier this year.  See how it was done and what difference it all makes.


“…The point was to see what could be done to make things warmer, cut bills, and reduce carbon emissions. His draught test came up with a score of 19.9 and a list of suggestions for things I should do.”click here to read more


LEAPing blindly into energy saving

Ellen Arnison blinds up to save energy at home post on blogEllen shares her experience of working with LEAP and local Lochwinnoch based Marcelo from Casa Homes and Gardens to help prepare her home for the coming winter.  Saving Energy and Money at the same time.

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Ellen – Saving Pennies and the Planet

thermal image LEAP ellen arnison blog post

Local Journalist & Blogger, Ellen has started her journey to creating a more energy efficient and cost effective home.   She had started off some time ago with a Home Energy Check and this lead to a Draught Test and carrying out a Thermal Image…

now Ellen is sharing her story about the  measures that have been recommended for her own home and LEAP are helping her monitor the temperature changes in her home too. to read more about Ellen’s story in her blog, Click Here!


Local Blogger on Thermal Image

Ellen Arnison BloggerLocal Blogger Ellen Arnison blogging about the thermal images that she got through LEAP.

click here to follow the link to ‘colour me cosy – thermal image pics’

Great to see people talking about some of the things that we can all do to save money and energy our homes.

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