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LEAP Car Club becomes even more family friendly!

We have just purchased 2 new car seats for the cars in Lochwinnoch. One a booster seat for children aged 4 and over and one for children aged 9 months to 4 years.  These car seats will be placed in the C Max.  We will also have a ‘Bubblebum’ inflatable booster seat for use in the Lochwinnoch Fusion.  In Bridge of Weir we have provided a rigid booster seat for our car there. We hope that providing these seats will help current members with young children and attract new members who may be put off joining by having to transport car seats and children to the cars.

LEAP’s new Drop In Centre Opens in Bridge of Weir

LEAP Bridge of Weir Open Day Celebratory Event CrowdOn Saturday 19th January

At LEAP’s Celebratory Opening Event for LEAP’s Drop in Centre in Bridge of Weir, Jim Sheridan MP  officially opened LEAP’s new Bridge of Weir Drop in Centre, cutting the HUGE Recycled Ribbon.

The event was well attended with lots of local residents enjoying the Thermal Image camera in action, competitions and give-aways.

LEAP’s twin aims are helping local residents save energy and money. We do this through providing free, impartial advice on insulation, New Bridge of Weir Car Club Member J Findlay draught proofing, heating, renewable energy generation, grants and subsidies. We also support a network of local volunteers working to make our villages more sustainable and are involved in education, promoting local foods and transport. Our Car Club is also expanding into Bridge of Weir, with a car sited in the Livery Walk car park.  One of the first new member for Bridge of Weir, Jane Findlay signed up at the opening event.



December News

The LEAP Project Comes to BRIDGE OF WEIR 

This community led service began in Lochwinnoch in early 2010, providing free, impartial energy reduction advice to householders. In 2011 the Energy Advisor team expanded to include Howwood and Kilbarchan.  Now this locally run service is coming to Bridge of Weir.  Funded by the Scottish Government’s Climate Challenge Fund we help local residents save energy and money by providing free impartial advice on insulation, draught proofing, heating, renewable energy generation, grants and subsidies.

Now Opened  –  new office in Bridge of Weir

From the 10th December 2012.  The new drop in centre is at Advance Place on Main Street, next to the Shimla Cottage (at the ‘old kilt shop’).   If you are passing, please come in and we will do our best to help you find ways to cut the bills and make your home more energy efficient.   The office at Bridge of Weir is open 10 am till 4pm most weekdays (closed on a Thursday).

It’s business as usual in our other locations; we’ll still be pleased to see anyone that would like our help at the Hub in Lochwinnoch at 22 Church Street or at the drop in facility in the Old Library Centre, 9 High Barholm in Kilbarchan or email the team at,  We will have our official launch on the 19th January 2013, updates will be posted online and around Bridge of Weir over the coming weeks.


Join for just £15  –  First 15 members will save £45 on annual membership at Bridge of Weir

As part of the expansion we will also be taking the LEAP Car Club to Bridge of Weir.  Using experience from the already up and running Car Club in Lochwinnoch, we will introduce a car in Bridge of Weir for members who will be able to use it for as little as half an hour – or as long as they want.

We have been working in partnership with the Renfrewshire Council and have secured a parking space in the main Livery Walk car park, where a Ford Fusion will be sited for use by Bridge of Weir Car Club members.

The concept behind LEAP Car Club is ‘a car just when you need it’. LEAP Car Club gives you all the convenience of a car without the hassle and expense of owning one.  A community, not for profit club, our cars can be booked online at a moments notice 24 hours a day.

For a yearly membership fee, and an hourly hire rate you have access to an economical, fuss free car. You don’t have to worry about insurance, tax, MOT, servicing, cleaning – the Club sorts these for you, never mind the cost of buying a car in the first place.

As a very special opening offer, the first 15 members to sign up for the Car Club in Bridge of Weir will get their membership for only £15, a saving of £45.

So look out for the LEAP Car Club, coming to Bridge of Weir soon, and for further information see our website at, pop into our new office on Main Street or contact the Car Club Coordinator, Diane, at

November News


The government is changing the way it encourages us all to improve the energy efficiency in our homes. At the moment Cavity Wall and Loft insulation are subsidised by government funding. In Renfrewshire these types of insulation are currently free to install, through Renfrewshire Council’s Universal Home Insulation Scheme. Early in 2013 The GREEN DEAL will be introduced and these subsidies will go and funds will be directed into this new offer. Details on how the Green Deal will work are still being finalised.

So if you have very little loft insulation or unfilled cavity walls now is the time to make the most of the free offer. If you would like to know more about how to get this done, before the funding comes to an end, please contact LEAP for a Free Home Energy Check and impartial advice.



Have you told us what you think about transport links in Lochwinnoch yet ?

Please go to the LEAP website and you can fill in the Lochwinnoch Transport Survey at or pick up a copy in the Library, the McKillop or the LEAP office. We are keen to hear your views and would like to thank everyone who has filled in the survey so far – a great response.

Local bus services have become a particular talking point for members of the community who rely on public transport of would like to use it more often. If you would like to get involved and find out more on influencing local bus services or want more information on the survey contact Scott on 842 530 or



As you may remember the LEAP Car Club was developed and launched in Lochwinnoch at the end of April this year, at the local Food Fair. We have 2 cars available from the centre of the village, in the car park of the McKillop Institute which members of the Club can hire for as little as half an hour, or as long as they wish.

6 months down the line, we have grown to 28 members, who use the Car Club for a variety of things, here are some of their stories to give a taste of the type of people who use the Car Club and why.

Kevin Cameron had two cars in his household until one of them gave up the ghost, and had to be scrapped. He joined the Car Club rather than replace this car and now uses a Car Club car when he needs to, while his wife uses the other car for work.

Self employed and working from home, Kevin uses the car to attend meetings and also has peace of mind from knowing a car is available if he needs one. He said about the Car Club, “Without the Car Club, I would have had to buy another second hand car, with the associated costs. With the Car Club I get a car that’s serviced, cleaned and MOT’d for me – all I pay for is to drive it when I need it.”

Gloria Ferrier recently got her drivers licence back after having it suspended for medical reasons. The first thing she did was arrange to join the LEAP Car Club. Gloria said, ‘The Car Club has been fantastic. I can use a car when I need it rather than having the expense of buying or leasing a car. It’s given me my independence back.”

Gloria has used the car for shopping trips and hospital appointments and would recommend it to anyone thinking about joining.

Martin Mansell is part of the steering group for LEAP and was one of the Car Club’s earliest members. Without a car, he and his wife borrowed friends’ cars when they needed to go anywhere and public transport wasn’t an option.

Martin now uses the LEAP cars, for example, for traveling to Sunday morning church service, where to get into Glasgow by public transport would mean a very long journey indeed. For Martin, the quick and easy booking process is part of the club’s appeal. “Quick and simple”, is how he described it, adding “Joining was also straightforward – show my drivers licence, sign a form and that was it.”

Other members have used cars for picking up relatives at the airport, meeting friends for lunch and using when relatives come to visit and one car isn’t enough. We also have a couple of members who have a home base in Lochwinnoch but are away most of the year. They use the Club when they are back in PA12 and need a car to get around.

LEAP Car Club is open to drivers 21 or over, with at least one year’s driving experience. As a community Car Club all profits are fed back into the Club.

If you want further information,  please contact the Car Club Coordinator Diane, call 01505 842 530 or email