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Lochwinnoch Primary School World at Work and Thermal Image Competition

Alasdair and Jen had a great time at Lochwinnoch Primary School World at Work week. Thanks to all the students and teachers for making us feel welcome and asking lots of interesting questions.

We brought in our Thermal Imaging cameras for students to try them out and talked with all the classes about Thermal Imaging and it’s many uses and in particular how LEAP use it to help people locally to find where heat is escaping from their homes.

We also held a Thermal Image Competition where students drew a picture of their own homes and where they thought heat might be escaping.

The overall competition winners are Reece Munro (P4), Daisy Guidiatis (P2T) and Kier Sheradan (P2T). Congratulations!

It was really tough choosing winners as we had such fantastic entries, check out all our entries in the wee video clip below.

If you’d like us to come and take thermal images of your home to help find any issues such as cold spots, damp, blocked pipes, air locked radiators, structural damage or heat escaping, we’d be very happy to, please just contact us.

If you’d like us to come and talk to your school or group we’d be very happy to, please just contact us.

Ellen – Saving Pennies and the Planet

thermal image LEAP ellen arnison blog post

Local Journalist & Blogger, Ellen has started her journey to creating a more energy efficient and cost effective home.   She had started off some time ago with a Home Energy Check and this lead to a Draught Test and carrying out a Thermal Image…

now Ellen is sharing her story about the  measures that have been recommended for her own home and LEAP are helping her monitor the temperature changes in her home too. to read more about Ellen’s story in her blog, Click Here!


Local Blogger on Thermal Image

Ellen Arnison BloggerLocal Blogger Ellen Arnison blogging about the thermal images that she got through LEAP.

click here to follow the link to ‘colour me cosy – thermal image pics’

Great to see people talking about some of the things that we can all do to save money and energy our homes.

You can arrange for one of our team to come out and give you free, impartial advice to help you out with energy saving ideas that are designed around your home and lifestyle. Call 01505 842 530 and we will get back to you as soon as possible.