Energy Detectives

Playing with Lego has never been so educational! School children in Lochwinnoch, Kilbarchan and Howwood Primary Schools become energy detectives for the day. They were then able to help their families improve the energy efficiency of their homes.

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Three one-day workshops took place in September 2011, using innovative Lego eLab kits to help children understand how energy is produced and the importance of saving it.

Every child from P4-7 took part in the 90 minute workshops funded by LEAP and led by independent educational technology specialist ComputerXplorers. Pupils used the specialist Lego to generate electricity and then carry out tests to see for themselves how energy is used – and the monetary and environmental cost of wasting it.

The workshop started with a group discussion about ‘what is energy ’and the different forms of energy. The children then generated electricity themselves using Lego eLab kits to power small motors and light bulbs. The class talked about how energy is wasted at home and thought about ways to reduce wastage before using test equipment to see for themselves how much energy various household appliances use and the associated monetary cost. The children went home able to pass their new found knowledge on, and hopefully this lesson will stay with them and make them more aware of trying not to waste energy in the future.