YEP! LOGO COMPETITION for 11 - 18 Year Olds


LEAP Yep! (Youth Engagement Programme) 

The Design Brief Overview

To create a self-contained logo which can be used alone and/or alongside the LEAP logo – see above right. The Yep! logo will be used to brand and to create an identity for Yep!, to attract young people to get involved in it’s programme as well as in the steer team who drive the programme.

Where will our logo be used

It will be used to brand items such as a Yep! website, a Yep! blog, letterheads,  banners, hoodies and tee-shirts but also, for example, short films and labelling on up-cycled garments which have been made by the participants.

Concepts and Inspirations

A logo which lends itself to being reproduced as a simple one-colour stamped image is appealing. For example, an image which we could reproduce using hand-made stampers from discarded take away food boxes would be ideal! The photographic image below with the name of the group forming a central element of the composition is an inspiring idea! You could start with some photographic ideas then adapt it to something blocky and simple. It could be hand drawn or completely digitally generated.

photo YEP

Some Examples of Logos We Like

 handsBanksystudio school

 Feelings to Convey

We are leading the way  to a greener future – our way!

We are: energetic   –     creative   –    resourceful  –   positive  –   proactive  –   empowered.

Colours and Fonts

The design might contain 2 or 3 colours but will be available as a monochromatic  (single colour) version. We are open to any font which conveys the feelings as outlined above, a bit of ‘strop’ and a ‘can do’ attitude.

About Us

 What does LEAPs Youth Engagement Programme Yep! aim for?
Yep! aim to encourage and support each other as young people to develop:

  •  The skills and mindset to be resourceful, energetic, positive and above all forward looking in our approaches to green living.
  •  The aspirations to expect and work towards a future in which the planet and humanity can live in a balanced and sustainable symbiosis.
  •  A sound knowledge base of environmental issues, enabling us to be wide awake to the realities of our ecology, and utterly cool in terms of meeting the challenges we face.
  •  A forum for us to develop our own approaches and a manifesto with which to meet the aims we have outlined.

The Top Prize

The Winner will be offered an opportunity to spend a day with designer Niki Taylor of The Top Project ( in her studio, creating their own made to measure garment. Alternatively a wonderful Dawes Bicycle to the value of £300.

The Selection Process

The winning entry will be selected by a panel of people residing in the Renfrewshire area who have professional skills and backgrounds in design. Their selection will be based on how well the entry meets the criteria of the brief, the quality of the idea, the strength of identity it creates for Yep! and it’s ease of reproduction for the purposes needed.

Your Submission

Your idea should be submitted as 2 pages: the logo on one and sketches and notes  -explaining where your idea has come from – on the other. These 2 pages should be clearly labelled ‘1. Logo Design’ and ‘2. Sketches and Notes’.

You can submit your entry as a PDF document attached to an email – Please send this to:

If this is not possible then please submit 2 x A4 pages: 1 with the logo on and the other with sketches and notes as detailed above. Please send or deliver this by hand to:

Gillian Steel – Youth Development (Education)

22 Church Street
PA12 4AB

Don’t Forget! to include a cover note or an email with your full name, age, school and contact details: email, home address and a telephone number.

Date of Deadline: Friday, January 30th 2015.

Date of Announcement of Winning Design: Friday, February 27th 2015.