Cycling For Summer – Another Selfie by Alan Gilmour

loch rocks
Cycling in Lochwinnoch last week Alan Gilmour, came across what he described as a real cyclist’s rest stop at Blackditch Bay. Following on with some further research into Alan’s discovery, the carved wooden furniture featuring story telling chairs and a series of predators and prey, is part of Semple Trail Heritage Project. Alan Brown from the project, gives us a fuller account, “These eye catching benches were produced by a chainsaw artist, Iain Chalmers to help visitors learn more about local species. The benches have been installed alongside two story telling ‘thrones’ suitable for Lord and Lady Semple who first owned the land in the late 15th Century. The furniture that has proven to be very popular with cyclists, walkers and visitors of all ages, is well worth a visit and a great stop off point to enjoy your sandwiches.’ For more information about the Heritage trail, visit the website.