Don’t forget to wrap up!

You wouldn’t go through winter without wrapping yourself up, so apply the same rules to your home and not only feel warmer – but save on your energy bills too!

Up to 25% of the heat from your boiler will just fly out of your home through the roof without sufficient insulation. Heat rises huh? That may be true, but it doesn’t stop an extra 35% strolling out into the street through your walls.

Your home works the same way as your body when it gets a bit chilly. Our blood gets called back to the HQ core from our fingers and toes. If your house is chilly, and your bills are a bit pricey, I bet you retreat to the cosy room.  And that’s just dandy, until you need to visit the loo and it feels like -5°C.

If properly insulated and efficiently heated though your home can feel at a more even temperature and cosier throughout. Insulation won’t magically make your home 100% efficient, but it will add that much needed sleeping bag, especially if your tent has a hole in it. Seeing as you’re too polite to say I’m nattering away, I best get to the point. Insulating your walls and your roof can help you save up to half of your normal energy bill. That’s pretty decent isn’t it?

You may have heard about our solid wall insulation Pilot Project.  We worked with Renfrewshire Council in 2014 to install free external wall insulation on 7 local homes – whole house sleeping bags! We’re hoping to do more of that in future. But meantime we’re currently running a free small works scheme where we can sort out things like your draughts, single glazing panes, energy saving lightbulbs and even minor repair works to your home. You can find out more information by clicking here or just get in touch!