Draught Busters

Now online, a set of short LEAP DIY simple tips and draught busting videos –showing how a LEAP Draught Busters workshop can help you make your home warmer, easier and cheaper to heat.  We want to help you tackle your own draughts … here’s how…

LEAP Draught Buster workshops are particularly suitable for older ‘hard to treat’ properties- those with wooden doors or windows, leaky skirting boards and door surrounds.  You could be losing 10% or more of your heating straight through these gaps.  Plugging those draughts makes your home more comfortable and easier to heat, and saves you money.

We can help you with the materials and skills you need to draught proof your home.  It’s the cheapest and quickest way to improve your insulation and comfort levels. We’ll help you with draught stripping, caulking, tools…and more.  Our Draught Buster workshops are informal and friendly.  We give you the hands on skills to tackle your draughts along with advice on any heating or insulation issues you may have.

We can run workshops in any space – it works particularly well in the house of a host who has draughty wooden doors and windows, and as a host you get your draught proofing done at the same time! We also provide a free Draught Testing services for suitable properties.

If you’re interested in attending or hosting a LEAP Draught Buster Workshop, or would just like some help and advice with draught proofing, phone us on 01505 612 034, email info@myleapproject.org, or pop into the LEAP Office at 1 Advance Place, Main Street, Bridge of Weir, PA11 3PB

Get the Draught Buster Guide PDF, click on the following link- Draught Buster Workshop Guide LEAP3-1