Borrow an Energy Monitor from LEAP

With a loan of a free energy monitor from LEAP you can find out: What are the BIG electricity guzzling items you run in your home? What is still on that’s stopping you getting down to zero usage (apart from the fridge !) ?

As part of our mission to save energy and save you money LEAP have a number of wireless Electricity Monitors like those from OWL  available for loan to residents in Renfrewshire.  These monitors usually cost £35 each and borrowing one for a month will probably tell you all you need to know.

If you would like to borrow an Energy Monitor for a month to see how much electricity different items in your home are using and how much this is costing you – please get in touch with LEAP.

Email, phone 01505 612 034 or pop into 1 Advance Place, Main Street, Bridge of Weir PA11 3PB