Loft Hatch Insulation

Is your loft hatch acting as a cold spot in your insulated loft ? Is it creating a funnel to let the warm air you have paid for escape through your roof ?

Even if you have insulated the rest of your loft space you could still improve your overall insulation levels by making sure your loft hatch is also insulated.

This can be done quite simply by glueing a thick piece of styrofoam or wool insulation to the back of the panel. Then use draught proofing strips, inexpensive rubber tubing that comes in a roll or straight strips, either fix these around the bottom lip of the hole or around the bottom of the hatch panel. If your hatch panel is quite light it might be too light to have a good seal. To make a better seal put a hook and eye on opposite sides of the hatch to hold it down tight.

Click on the youtube links below to see how to do this for a loft hatch with a stair ladder stored on top and also for a basic loft hatch with no stair ladder.

Easy and cheap to do and can reduce the amount of heat escaping into your loft by 30%.

Loft hatch with Stair Ladder:

Basic Loft Hatch :

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