Secondary Glazing Systems

Are you looking for a cheaper alternative to double glazing? Something that will help insulate your home, but is not permanent and needs no planning permission.

Secondary Glazing is an option you may wish to consider. There are different options, but at LEAP we use a magnetic system ordered from Omega Build. This is an attractive self-adhesive secondary glazing system which attaches to the perimeter of a 2mm acrylic sheet cut to the size of your window and then to the window frame.  The glazing can be removed easily by pulling the magnetic strip, attached to the acrylic, away from the metal strip attached to the window. To replace, simply align the strips and the magnetism pulls the sheet into place.

Is it suitable for my window?

The surround of the window needs to be flat and at least 15mm wide.

The only other limit to the magnetic system is that it will only hold up to about 20 square feet of 2mm acrylic. Larger areas will need additional clips or the use of 3mm acrylic. If the window frame is suitable it may be possible to stabilize the acrylic with a magnetic strip in the middle of the window.


This type of glazing not only cuts out draughts but also provides some double glazing heat saving and increases sound insulation. Simple to fit – but measure the window frame carefully. It can be easily removed and stored as required.


Care is required when cleaning or when storing to prevent the acrylic getting scratched.

Do I still need to add draught strips to the sash window?

If the sash window is very draughty then it is advisable to reduce the draughts with weatherstrip profile (‘P’ 2-5mm or ‘E’ 2-4mm) silicon rubber strip, or ‘Aquamac’ (good externally) as well as using secondary glazing.

Is it easy to install?

At LEAP we have found it fairly easy to install.  There are plenty of videos around giving advice on how to install secondary glazing.  Here is one –

Where can I see an example of the magnetic glazing system?

Both LEAP offices in Lochwinnoch and Bridge of Weir have  magnaglaze on their windows to prevent heat loss and save energy.  Please feel free to pop in and have a look!