Leap Car Club is now and for a limited period ‘£15 to join’

membership now £15

discounted membership numbers limited

Drop-in Sessions were held every Wednesday evening in May to help engage people who otherwise may note have been able to make it along to the office during normal office hours.  This lead to a few new members signing up as well as people drop-in to ask more information on other aspects of LEAP, such as the recruitment of the new posts.  We realise that this is only a small part of the mix to help increase the number of local members in Lochwinnoch… We also need the support of the new members and people who are interested to help make the car club a success, because without our members non of this is possible….

we are very pleased with the number of local residents who have signed up so far and would urge anybody who is interested to get in touch and take advantage of the £15 membership which is genuinely limited to a maximum number.

We invited people to come along and find out more about how the car club could work for them.  This was promoted through social media, local shops and facilities in the village through posters and chatting with local residents at recent events.  This could have been promoted better, however due to having limited staff team numbers we have had to priorities the urgent and important for the last month or so.