Why own a car when you could join a Car Club?

A lot of people don’t notice the true costs of running a car, but when you add up the cost of tax, MOT, fuel, servicing, repairs, depreciation and parking you could be looking at an average of over a hundred pounds a week!

And who wants all the hassle that goes with car ownership? What if you could walk down the street and climb into a clean, new car that has its own guaranteed parking space, and drive away?

That’s what a car club can do for you – all the convenience of a car without the stress and expense of owning one. Just book online or by phone, and you’re sorted.

A car when you need one, not when you don’t.

LEAP Energy for Business

We provide local businesses, charities, social enterprises, health organisations and many more with commercial energy supply services to help them manage gas and electricity costs, save money and we reinvest back into our community and environmental work.  To find out more about our commercial switch service and save money on gas and electricity bills click here