LEAP ‘Make it Happen’ – what is it?

Funded by Energy Action Scotland Fuel Poverty Alleviation Fund LEAP have successfully improved the comfort and fuel efficiency of local fuel poor rural residents’ homes. But what is ‘Make it Happen’?

One of the LEAP team will come to your home and assess what can be done to improve the energy efficiency and warmth of your home, and how much help you are eligible for. Most take advantage of discounted work, but many more will be entitled to completely free improvements to their homes.

Then, our approved team of tradespeople carry out small energy efficiency measures, following the LEAP advice. These actions are completed for free for vulnerable residents, and those unable financially or physically to undertake DIY tasks.

The scheme is designed to help residents keep warmer and save money in the long-term. For those able to pay we have the same service at a low-cost, and for DIY enthusiasts we also have a local LEAP Eco-shop.

All proceeds are used to fund further free measures in vulnerable residents’ homes. ‘Make It Happen’ is designed to make beneficial long-term changes and become self-sustaining in the future.

We have assisted more than 40 local residents through ‘Make It Happen’ to date including draught proofing, secondary glazing, loft hatch insulation, cylinder jackets and chimney balloons.

If you or anyone you know could benefit from our help, please get in touch.