Why not start today by switching off your electrical appliances instead of leaving them on stand-by? An average home has so many electrical items that leaving them on stand-by can cost a household around £40 and add up to a lot of waste over a year – around 179kg of CO2.

Philip Sellwood, Chief Executive of the Energy Saving Trust, said: “We are a nation on standby. Whatever your age, gender or the size of your household: our research has found that millions of us are unintentionally wasting electricity when we leave our gadgets on standby. It’s an easy mistake to make yet it costs us a fortune. And as we become more tech-savvy it’s hardly surprising our home appliances don’t come with an energy-cost warning label on them. Televisions and games consoles are now among the primary sources of our everyday entertainment, yet when left on permanent standby they are costing us £45-80 a year.”

To celebrate this leap year, LEAP will be showcasing some of the small and bigger actions individuals, groups and communities have taken in their daily lives to reduce their energy consumption and their carbon footprint. For some people it’s about changing their bulbs to LED, cycling to work 2 days a week rather than driving, turning the heat thermostat down one notch, car sharing, insulating their homes, joining a car club, growing vegetables, recycling clothes and furniture, swapping bicycles, switching off their games consoles instead of leaving them on stand-by, and many more…

Let LEAP know about your energy saving pledges and plans. Why not start today and Don’t Stand-by, SWITCH-OFF this Leap year!