LEAP’s Bikeswap at Brookfield Gala Day

Brookfield Gala Day was a great day out for everyone who came along on Saturday 20th August, despite the early downpours. LEAP held a BIKESWAP at this event for the first time and local people and families were really up for taking part, either by donating their cycles or bringing along one to swap. The local park and field was a perfect terrain for everyone to try out bike sizes, and to take a little test ride. Susie Smith from LEAP said ‘it’s been great to see so many families wanting to start cycling and the Bikeswap has given them an opportunity to do so.’ A Big LEAP thanks to the committee and everyone in Brookfield who so kindly donated or swapped their bikes at the event. bikeswap-poster-on-cycle children-try-out-the-bikes leap-bikeswap-bikes leap-team-get-set-for-the-bikeswap