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Our volunteer-run group, provides a number of services in the local area. We deliver food parcels from the Community Larder to anyone who can't make it down in person. We can pick up your shopping or deliver your prescriptions. We also provide befriending and practical support to those experiencing isolation or mobility issues.

Whether you've got Covid and you need someone to post a letter, or you need more ongoing help accessing local services, our volunteers are here to help.

If you know someone who could use help, or if you need help yourself, please complete our referral form. 

Alternatively contact can be made via Facebook or by the following:


Tel: 0300 772 7032

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Volunteer - Coral Cartwright Cakebread

Coral set up Lochwinnoch Cares at the outset of the pandemic, and continues to run the group providing these vital services which have been a lifeline for many. Coral is hands-on and delivers weekly food parcels,  in partnership with the Larder and she carries out errands for Service Users as well as befriending duties.


Coral is a volunteer Committee Member for the Food Committee and advises on all matters concerning LEAP Together projects.


An all-round good egg, Coral's compassionate nature and her sensitivity to Service Users' dignity and privacy, make her the perfect person for the role she carries out. Lochwinnoch, and LEAP Together are lucky to have her!

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Volunteer - Gaynor Gallagher


Gaynor is a foster carer who has been a resident of Lochwinnoch for more than 20 years. Gaynor has been an enthusiastic volunteer for Lochwinnoch Cares and we're so grateful to have her in our team. Her dedication to her volunteering role over the last 18 months has been incredible. Gaynor regularly delivers food parcels  and always steps forwards for extra tasks.

Gaynor is brilliant at developing relationships with Service Users as well as other volunteers and her cheery attitude is always uplifting! 

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Volunteer - Kasia Marshall


Kasia has been Coral’s right-hand-woman since the group began. Kasia deputises for Coral and helps to manage the volunteer team. She also takes on the administration and helps out with all manner of tasks, delivering food parcels when needed. Kasia is a community-minded individual who enjoys involvement in other community groups including the Gala Committee and Lochwinnoch Welcomes, a group looking to bring a refugee family to Lochwinnoch. 

We're so grateful to have Kasia as part of our team! Her can-do attitude really helps to keep things moving and she is a key part of our volunteering family.

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