Losing heat in your home and don’t know where from?

4009A common problem with home heat loss is that we sometimes just can’t fathom out where the heat is escaping from.

Is it from the windows, doors, radiators, walls, the chimney, roof, floor skirting? You’d be surprised just where heating escapes from – 35% from the walls, 25% from the roof and 15% from the floors of an average home. Draughts can account for up to 15% of home heat loss and although draughts are one of the biggest causes of heat loss, they are also one of the easiest and cheapest to fix.

LEAP help householders to identify where heat is being lost in their homes and provide impartial advice on how to prevent further heat loss and reduce energy costs. Local householders have already saved up to 13% on their heating bills through actions identified by draught testing. As well as carrying out home energy checks, draught tests, LEAP energy advisors may recommend that your home would benefit from a thermal image to give you an overall picture of home heat loss.

Thermal imaging helps identiBlog 1 Jan 8th home heat loss illustration (2)fy, Building faults, Damp penetration, Patchy insulation, Draughts and/or Improperly sealed windows and doors.

To find out more about home heat loss and for further information call LEAP on 01505 842530 or 612034 or email ingrid@myleapproject.org.