March News Update

Annabel Goldie MSP visited LEAP in Bridge of Weir.

On Friday 1st March,

msp annabel Goldie

Annabel said: “I was delighted to be able to visit LEAP at their office in Bridge of Weir.  LEAP help local residents save energy and money, providing free impartial advice on insulation and heating. Local residents can ask for a free draught test, a free home energy test and a free thermal image of their property which helps identify damp penetration, patchy insulation and draughts. With rising energy costs, LEAP can offer practical solutions to householders on energy use.”

Annabel went on to say: “LEAP also run a Car Club, which is a local, not for profit, community hire scheme giving local people convenient access to economical cars. This is a tremendous initiative. Many householders begrudge paying for a car which mainly sits stationary outside their house, LEAP car club have cars parked centrally in Lochwinnoch and Bridge of Weir. The vehicles are maintained, taxed and insured through LEAP. Members simply book online, pay an hourly rate and mileage rates. It is proving popular, cost effective for members and flexible in use. There are important lessons for other communities to learn. This is a great asset for Bridge of Weir, Lochwinoch, Howwood and Kilbarchan”.

LEAP Car Club

LEAP Car Club in Bridge of Weir is going from strength to strength. We not only have attracted members from Bridge of Weir, our first member is actually from Kilmacolm! Jane, will be using the LEAP car as a second car for her family after realising how much her second car was costing, just sitting unused most of the time.  Now, for the times she does need the use of a second car, LEAP Car Club is the economical answer.

As illustrated above, joining LEAP Car Club provides you with a car just when you need it. So if you, could use a second car; have relatives who visit regularly, and need an extra car to get out and about while they’re here or simply don’t have a car but could use one occasionally, the Car Club could be just right for you! We still have a few £15 memberships left for new members of the car club at Bridge of Weir, so please contact Diane at or drop into the office to take advantage of this special offer.

‘OMG’  !  – LEAP’s Off Mains Gas Group is up and running

LEAP have had lots of interest from villagers who are not on mains gas, use LPG, Oil, or Coal and want to find ways to make their home heating more economical.   If you, or someone you know, is in this position, we would love to hear from you.  The first meeting of the Off Mains Gas Group will be arranged shortly.

Organic Fruit and Vegetables Delivery Club

There has been an excellent response to the idea for a Delivery Club for organic fruit and vegetables. So far 10 people have signed up and the first of the fortnightly deliveries is planned for mid March.  Delivery Club members will pay a membership fee of £3 per fortnight in return for a “free”delivery code for use on the Whitmuir Organic Farm website  If you would like to find out more, or to join the club please contact

To find out more about any part of the LEAP Project, please contact us at, drop in, or telephone one of our offices:

22 Church St, Lochwinnoch, PA12 4AD, Tel:  01505 842 530

9 High Barholm, Kilbarchan, PA10 2EF, Tel:  01505 706 070

Advance Place, Main St, Bridge of Weir, PA11 3PB, Tel:  01505 612 034