Solar PV

There have been some significant changes to the Feed in Tarrif rates and deadlines announced on 31st October 2011.  This affects ALL Solar PV systems installed after 12th December 2011

To get the current FIT rates, any system must be fully installed, commissioned and the FIT application received by the FIT Licencee (your electrictiy supplier).

Beyond these dates the tariff will fall from 43.3 p per kW generated to 21p

For more information go to:


Energy Saving Trust – Proposed Changes to Solar PV Feed in Tariffs


The Energy Saving Trust  have published an unbaised short guide – it’s nine pages and provides a non-technical view of all the relevant aspects of solar panel installation, including possible costs and savings. You can download it here: A buyers guide to solar electricity panels (1.32 MB). There is also more information on the website of the Energy Saving Trust visit their website. You may also like to consult Martin Lewis’ which has lots of information about all aspects of the subject.

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