Top Tips for Keeping Warm and saving money this winter

Managing and understanding the dials, switches digits and readings is never easy for everyone and it can be very time-consuming to keep on top of it, especially in the winter you’re your lights and heating are on for longer periods and you may need to accommodate the colder and darker days. LEAP has prepared a few top tips that will help you to keep warm and save on home energy bills. But remember that if you’re struggling with any of the top tips and need some extra help or would like more information and advice on home draught proofing products, and energy saving in the home, contact LEAP

Blog 2 Jan 8th - Tip Home Heating Control


  1. Check your heating programmer/ timer and make sure it’s coming on at appropriate times for the colder weather. £150 per year can be saved by only having your heating on when needed.
  2. Adjust your thermal radiator valves – using the heating controls appropriately can help you to heat the areas of the home that are needed.
  3. Measure your room temperature – the recommended temperature for a room theBlog 2 Jan 8th Heating temperature controlrmostat is between 18 and 21o C. Turning your thermostat down by just 1o C could save you £85 per year
  4. Maximise heat from your radiators with radiator reflective panels. These foil sheets fit down the back of radiators and reflect heat back into the room, meaning you get more heat from your radiators for less money.
  5. Switch lighting off– we need more lights on for longer periods in the winter, but don’t forget to switch them off. £15 per year can be saved by switching lights off when not in use. For even better savings switch to LED light bulbs.
  6. Draught proofing your home – gaps around windows and doors allow heat to escape and let the cold draughts in. Heavy thermal lined curtains will help to keep the heat in. Draught proofing of windows, doors, letterboxes and blocking cracks in floors and skirting boards can save up to 13% of your heating bill each year.