Lochwinnoch Train Station Survey:

our aim is to improve & increase access to more efficient & local transport options.

Your views are very important to us and you can help influence change by filling in this short survey.

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Community Car Club: on the 28th April 2012 LEAP Car Club was launched in Lochwinnoch which is developing well and exceeding our initial expectations in terms of membership numbers and usage.   The club expanded into Bridge of Weir early 2013 and we plan to expand further into Kilbarchan.  Click Here to find out more about the LEAP Car Club.

Lochwinnoch Transport Survey 2012/2013 results

See the survey results, Click Here

Lift Share

SPT website screenshotAs the cost of fuel continues to rise more people are looking at other options of travel that could help them make changes for the better.  ‘Liftsharing’ is not to be confused with car sharing (such as LEAP Car Club).  ‘Liftsharing’ is where you offer other people a lift in your car for frequently made journeys, and/or you can also get a lift from other people.  The key to the success of liftshare is helping people feel confident enough to become part of a community of people who offer this simple but effective service to each other.

Liftshare.com is the UK’s largest provider of liftshare services online with over 500,000 members, however to make a journey from your community possible through liftshare.com or any other similar forum we need to increase the number of people looking to make the same or similar journeys. It is basically a numbers game with some communication thrown in too! Find out more about Lift share Click Here

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