Visiting our Villagers’ Green Homes on the LEAP’s Green Homes Tours

4008 Green Homes Tour 2 sets offMore than 20 people took to the bumpy terrain of the villages by minibus to visit the Green Homes and meet their owners, who were on hand to showcase their hard work and investment in integrating renewable energy and energy efficiency measures in their homes and gardens, on their roofs, in their walls and windows and as part of their general everyday household interior decoration. Lined curtains behind potentially draughty doors were on display as well as remote and rooftop solar heating panels with graphs, energy monitors, information boards and fuel bills to demonstrate how wall insulation had warmed their homes like an extra blanket and a couple of pairs of socks in bed.

4008 Reflections on the Green Homes TourDetermined to prove that the sun actually did shine on their homes during the spring and summer this year, monthly calculations had been kept on the actual benefits of reduced energy bills and improved home comfort and warmth. As the latest design in AGA cookers was unfolded to a gasp, the green tourists were keen to gather more information about modifications to earlier designs, learn more about sealing off skirting boards around the kitchen units to prevent draughts and to understand how simple mechanisms such as fans can spread heat from wood burning stoves to other rooms in the house. Questions were asked of the merits of LED lighting, about the opportunities there might be to improve the heat loss in homes from a range of renewables, energy saving systems using both the natural resources and new innovative technology. Expect future tours and information sessions on our villages’ Green Homes next year. A Big Thanks to all our Green Homes householders and to the Green Homes tourists for making the tours fun and informative.