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instructional videos

In the following videos, Dick Graham sets out his top tips for growing food at home. His low cost, environmentally friendly way of gardening demonstrates best practice for getting the most out of your resources. Thanks to Studio 27 Productions for putting these together for our project!

Digging with Dick - Getting Ready

This video is the first of a series in which Dick Graham shares his wealth of knowledge in all things relating to growing your own vegetables. Here we see Dick discuss how to protect your vegetables and make your own plant food and fertiliser.

Digging with Dick - Tatties

This video is everything you need to know about planting potatoes; Dick Graham shares insights to make sure you get the most out of your yield.

Digging with Dick - Compost

In this video we see Dick Graham talking in more depth about composting and the value of creating your own compost. He also covers the importance of protecting your garden from unwelcome intruders like cats and why that is especially important if you have young children. 

Digging with Dick - Leeks and Onions

In this video you will see so many great tips from Dick about making the most of your onion and leek crops. 

Digging with Dick - Lettuce, Beetroot & Neeps

In this video we see Dick sowing cut-and-come-again variety lettuce, beetroot and swedes. Dick talks here about how to protect these plants and best practice for sowing them. 

Digging with Dick - Tatty Bye

In this final video for this year, we see Dick cover off how to best maintain your tattie crop as it matures and he gives a better understanding of what is happening beneath the soil at this stage of growth. Dick also offers up some of his wealth of knowledge about how to make your garden and vegetable growing a truly resourceful and environmentally sustainable project. His tips will ensure you achieve the best results with the minimum impact on the planet. 

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