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Now going in to its fourth year, Diggin' It is more popular than ever. We continue to support over 100 households directly, by providing the materials and guidance required for growing your own food, from your own home. But it's not just about helping the planet and supplementing local food supply, it’s a neighbourly gardening club that will improve your wellbeing and help you connect with others.

If you would like to join Diggin' It, please complete this form to let us know what you need help with:


Last year we launched out Seed Library and saw even more local people engage with the project. The hope is that over time, we can support Lochwinnoch veg growers to save our own seed which can go back in to the Library. By doing this we can cultivate our own varieties of vegetables which will evolve for optimum yields in our own specific climate. We can also share seed with a network of Seed Libraries across the country as there are currently no commercial producers of vegetable seed in Scotland. If you save seed you can contribute to a Food Revolution and start growing seed for the benefit of the whole community and beyond. Seed saving is pretty complex and it's best to start with something like peas or beans. We have books and leaflets available at the Library to support this, and a great reference is the Real Seed website.

If you're thinking of saving seed, let us know and we can help support you, and even signpost to training if you're interested.

Check out our instructional videos linked below as Dick Graham prepares his garden and shares his methods for sustainable food growing, at home. 

You can also join our Permaculture Course set to take place in February. More details are on our event listing linked below.




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