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The Project Team

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Mike Callaghan, LEAP Project Manager


Mike has been with LEAP since 2014 running LEAP Car Club, which he continues to do whilst managing day-to-day LEAP operations.


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Tori Bell, Project Manager, LEAP Together

Tori joined LEAP in February 2021 when the Food Committee joined forces with the charity. Tori manages the Community Larder, The Feel Good Festival and Diggin' It.

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Sylvie Coupaud, LEAP Shared Transport Coordinator


Sylvie joined LEAP in 2022 and is first point of contact for Car Club enquiries and is spearheading our new E-Bike project in Linwood.

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Caroline Roger, Service Coordinator, Community Larder

In December 2021 Caroline joined the LEAP Together team  overseeing the Larder on a day-to-day basis.

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Coral Cartwright Cakebread, Food Committee Director & Manager of Lochwinnoch Cares

Coral manages Lochwinnoch Cares which takes in a large team of volunteers, and works in close conjunction with the Larder. Coral also advises on LEAP Together projects in her capacity as a Food Committee Director. Coral does this work on a voluntary basis.

​The LEAP Board of Trustees

The Project Team are managed by a Voluntary Board of Trustees made up of members of the local community:

Kevin Cameron, Chair


Kevin is an award winning filmmaker with a focus on participative practice. Kevin has been on the board of LEAP, a charity focussed on behaviour change and climate breakdown, for the past three years. 


Lesley Scott, Secretary


Lesley works in academia professionally. Lesley has been a trustee of LEAP for 10 years and has also been heavily involved with other local groups including Lochwinnoch international Aid, Lochwinnoch Community Development Trust and the Community Council.


Martin Mansell, Treasurer

Martin helped to start LEAP over 10 years ago and has been on the board ever since.  He is also the Treasurer of Lochwinnoch Community Development Trust (LCDT), a local organisation with charitable aims. Martin is a retired civil engineer with an interest in water engineering and renewable energy.