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team & trustees

The Project Team

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Mike Callaghan, LEAP Project Manager


Mike has been with LEAP since 2014 running LEAP Car Club, which he continues to do whilst managing day-to-day LEAP operations.


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Tori Bell, Project Manager, LEAP Together

Tori joined LEAP in February 2021 when the Food Committee joined forces with the charity. Tori manages the Community Larder, The Feel Good Festival and Diggin' It. 


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Sylvie Coupaud, LEAP Shared Transport Coordinator


Sylvie joined LEAP in 2022 and is first point of contact for Car Club enquiries and is spearheading our new E-Bike project in Linwood.


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Morag Strachan, Project Coordinator, LEAP Together


Morag joined LEAP Together in November 2022 and works across the Community Larder, Diggin' It and Lochwinnoch Feel Good Festival. Morag's role is to help raise funding and build networks as well as provide administrative support where needed.


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Maura Richmond, Larder Supervisor, Community Larder


Maura joined the Larder as a Volunteer in September 2021 and was appointed as Larder Superviser in October 2022. Maura's role is to oversee the everyday operation of the Larder service, on the ground.


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Vikki MacDonald, Service Coordinator, Community Larder


Vikki joined the Larder as a Volunteer in July 2022 and joined the staff team as a temp in December that year. Vikki was offered the role of Service Cooridnator in February 2023 and her role is to manage the relationships with the food partners and coordinate the volunteer drivers.


Alvaro Huertas Rosero, Delivery Superviser, Community Larder


Alvaro joined the team in February 2023 i this new role overseeing our larger deliveries. Alvaro's role is to coordinate the volunteers for these specific deliveries and manage the stock approproately.


​The LEAP Board of Trustees

The Project Team are managed by a Voluntary Board of Trustees made up of members of the local community:

Kevin Cameron, Chair


Kevin is an award winning filmmaker with a focus on participative practice. Kevin has been on the board of LEAP, a charity focussed on behaviour change and climate breakdown, for the past three years. 


Lesley Scott, Secretary


Lesley works in academia professionally. Lesley has been a trustee of LEAP for 10 years and has also been heavily involved with other local groups including Lochwinnoch international Aid, Lochwinnoch Community Development Trust and the Community Council.


Martin Mansell, Treasurer

Martin helped to start LEAP over 10 years ago and has been on the board ever since.  He is also the Treasurer of Lochwinnoch Community Development Trust (LCDT), a local organisation with charitable aims. Martin is a retired civil engineer with an interest in water engineering and renewable energy.

Chris Paterson, Trustee

Chris, a former electrical engineer, is a Larder volunteer and has been a member of the Car Club since 2021.

Mary O'Brien, Trustee

Mary is a retired Nurse and Social Work Team Leader and "Nana" to 10 grandchildren and is passionate about trying to secure a liveable planet for the next generation, in the face of the climate and ecological emergencies. She is  active in a number of different ways to try to achieve this. Within Renfrewshire, she am a founding member of "Creating a Sustainable Gryffe" and a volunteer with Eadha Enterprises.

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