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Leap Together 

LEAP Together is an evolution of Lochwinnoch Food Committee. Our varied projects all aim to build resilience at a local level, and deliver services which add value to our community.


The Food Committee originally began as a grassroots group, set up in response to the pandemic. By the end of 2020, it was obvious there was a continued need for the project, and we joined forces with LEAP. Our shared core aims around environment and community have aligned perfectly. Now, the Food Committee has rebranded as LEAP Together and we continue our activities in the wider Lochwinnoch area; These include our Community Larder, Diggin’ It, Lochwinnoch Cares and the Feel Good Festival. 

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Community Larder

Our Community Larder is for everyone. This environmental project redistributes surplus food and food produced locally. In this way, we reduce food waste, food miles and unnecessary production. It’s a social space where villagers connect and is supported by our team of amazing volunteers.

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Lochwinnoch Cares

Whether you need help accessing shopping and medicine, or simply want a friendly phonecall now and then, our team of volunteers can help.

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Diggin' It

Are you interested in growing your own vegetables, from your own home? Diggin’ It can provide what you need to get started. It doesn’t matter whether you’re a complete beginner, or if you’re a veteran gardener; We can provide the materials and guidance required. You can also join our Seed Library and check out our events.

Feel Good Festival

This is a schedule of events enhancing community wellbeing in a variety of ways; Our programme includes nature based and creative activities; recreational events; life coaching workshops and holistic therapies; plus much more...

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