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In 2023 we set up our very first growing sites, which provided additional growing space for our Community Larder, and was supported by Volunteers. This is the beginning of an exciting part of our work and we plan to establish more growing sites over time. We're so grateful to the community members who gave up their own gardens to allow us to carry this work out. Growing food and seed locally is the ultimate cycle of empowerment for communities and it helps to reduce harmful carbon emissions caused by food miles, food packaging and chemical process.

If you have garden space or a green house that is unused which you would like us to grow vegetables in please get in touch. 


If you would like to volunteer for this project and join a supported and friendly team, we would love to hear from you. No experience is necessary and if you're a novice it's a good opportunity to develop new skills and keep fit! Volunteering duties would include tending to vegetable patches, planting, harvesting or even just watering if that's all you would like to do. Even if you can only commit on an ad-hoc basis, we would love to hear from you.

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