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And we're off!!

The ministry of funny walks have nothing on us! By March 31st we expect to be seeing some very interesting strides throughout the village. We have 11 teams of athletes giving it some welly clocking up the miles in our challenge. In addition, the Lochwinnoch hearties have been knocking out 100 squats per class! Lochwinnoch primary school kids, much to my son's horror, have been pacing the playground, we also have solo runners and wild swimmers doing their bit. We have room for many more to join in; whatever activity gets you moving, improving your mental and physical health, and raising funds. This will give us the ability to deliver a Feel Good Festival that provides wellbeing treatments for all, without the financial barriers that often prevent people from accessing such life enhancing therapies.

So, get your skates on, or unicycle, or paddleboard.... it all counts toward March Miles, and spread the word on our fundraising goal. Follow the link below for more details.

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