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Larder Fundraiser

We have launched a Go Fund Me Page, with the hopes to raise some funding to help us with ever rising costs and further development of the Community Larder.

With more and more people accessing the larder, we want to ensure it is accessible to all. You will already have seen the fantastic new paving we've had laid which has helped greatly, providing clear access to the cabins however as the cabin itself is raised it means those who are less mobile or use a wheelchair are unable to enter the larder itself to select their own groceries. To enable full access we will require a ramp and decking area to be installed as well as issues with drainage round the shed and picnic area to be fixed. Not only will this help those less mobile but it will also enable parents and carers with prams to access the larder more easily.

We also require additional storage space, as well as a clean and dry space for our wonderful volunteers to be able to sort through large deliveries during poor weather and have now been granted permission to add in an additional shed on site. We would also then be able to install additional fridges and freezers, allowing US to collect more surplus food and donations to give back to the community.

With ever rising overheads and maintenance costs along with volunteer and staff expenses to cover, a contribution toward this would be extremely beneficial to allow us to continue to support the community and keep the larder going strong.

Donations of any size really are appreciated by us all.

Link to our GoFundMe page below, please feel free to share.

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