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Feel Good Festival 2024 - Sponsorship Opportunities

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We're excited to be hosting our 4th Feel Good Festival this year. Building on previous success we're bringing a Feel Good Fortnight 10th - 26th May, and a Feel Good Gathering August 2024. We can't wait to share this year's full programme and have over 100 events lined up. There really is something for everyone and we're hoping to make it as accessible as possible by removing financial barriers to activities where we can. That's where you can potentially help.

The aims of the festival are to connect people to each other through opportunities for social inclusion, but also to help people connect with organisations and activities which will support their wellbeing. It's about bringing people together in meaningful activity, and shining a light on the subject of mental health; Let's bring it out of the shadows and remove the stigma! By connecting people with services and practices, as well as other people, we aim to help build lasting relationships that will have a positive impact on their everyday life.

We work in partnership with organisations, businesses and local venues to bring a wide range of activities to the local community and surrounding areas. This year we will include free baby massage classes again and 14 days of free movement and breathing classes. The full programme is online here and includes venues across the Renfrewshire Villages this year.

We'll also have a Feel Good Fair on the 18th May at McKillop Institute with free taster treatments, vendors and stalls, a food truck, a free tea room, free kids crafts, and workshops including sound baths. This is a great opportunity to try out new therapies and meet wellbeing therapists qualified in a range of different practices.

Our sponsorship menu breaks down what we have available and hopefully offers business of all sizes and opportunity for promotion. Please get in touch if you have any questions or queries for our Team!



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Feel Good Fortnight - Experiential Classes: Willow Weaving, Singing, Music, Storytelling, Dance, Art, Therapy or Nature focussed; We have a wide range of classes we would like to fund as we can then make them more accessible for participants. These are usually 2 hour classes led by a qualified person and have benefits for wellbeing.



Feel Good Fortnight - Kids Craft Tent at the Feel Good Fair: Face Painting & Crafts. Sponsors will be recognised on our online programme, press, website and socials and can provide their own banners at the event if required.



Feel Good Fortnight - Free Massage Taster Treatments at the Feel Good Fair: 15 min treatments in Thai Massage, hand, neck or head massage, angel card readings, reflexology or reiki. Each sponsorship will pay for 5 therapists for 4 hours, equating to 80 free treatments. Sponsors will have their logo on our programme and be recognised in press, website and socials.


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If you want to sponsor something but the menu doesn't fit your price range, or if you have an idea for something specific, please get in touch and we can tailor it to your budget.

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