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Larder Bag Project - The Big Bag Sewathon

In August 2022, we carried out a fun project in partnership with ReMode, an army of volunteers, their sewing machines, and fabric donated by the community.

After receiving £500 in funding from LIDL, we looked to make high quality bags which could be distributed to Larder members. The aim was to do this sustainably, and with an emphasis on quality, so we immediately knew that we wanted to get ReMode involved. The ReMode Team jumped in with great ideas and threw everything in to helping us deliver this.

The brief was to make 300 bags, using only repurposed fabric sourced via donations, and turn these in to lined origami bags suitable for grocery shopping. Between ReMode and the Larder we managed to recruit a team of more than 30 volunteers who joined us at Lochwinnoch Primary School in a Big Bag Sewathon.

It was an amazing day and everyone worked really hard to help us reach our target! Massive thanks to all those who helped, including ReMode and Zul Bhatia who took these great pictures, and to Lidl for the funding. The project was led by two of our Larder Volunteers, Juliette Tapping and Toni Byrne, who managed the whole event from end-to-end - they smashed it; We think the bags speak for themselves and we can't wait to share them with our members. We hope to repeat the project in future.

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