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Looking for Volunteering Opportunities?

Updated: Jan 23, 2022

At LEAP Together, providing volunteering opportunities is as important as anything else we do. We have a big team of volunteers and we offer development and training wherever possible. Whether you like being people facing, or if you like doing odd jobs or driving, we have a range of opportunities and are always looking to extend our team.

We work with volunteers of all ages and can even support teenagers seeking opportunities to achieve their Duke of Edinburgh goals. You can apply here:

Here is what one of our volunteers says about her experience of working with us:

"I have been doing some form of voluntary work in my spare time since the age of 16. I went along to the Lochwinnoch food larder on the opening day out of curiosity after seeing it advertised on face book. I was so impressed by the community spirit, the concept of free food , using up food destined for landfill and doing a small bit for saving our planet I signed up as a volunteer that day.

I love working at the larder, it is such good fun, so rewarding and every day is different. I have met so many different people. Lock down had left me feeling a bit isolated so it was good to get out and about and amongst people again. I have been able to use my skills and do things I enjoy doing. I particularly enjoy fundraising and lead the Christmas raffle, sourcing the prizes, making hampers and selling tickets. The larder team, both staff and volunteers are a group of dedicated, passionate people of all ages and different backgrounds. It is an amazing project and the work is so rewarding, I'm proud to be a part of the larder as it evolves as an important hub in our community."

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