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Diggin' It is back in 2023!

Updated: Feb 14, 2023

Diggin’ It is kicking off again this year and we have some exciting plans. This starts with a permaculture course 25th and 26th February with Lusi Alderslowe. If you would like more info about this please visit our web event:

Diggin’ It 2023

We’re excited the new growing season starting soon! This year, there is no need to reapply, your membership will carry forward from last year. If you would no longer like to receive updates about the project, please let us know and we can remove you from our mailing lists.

If you’re completely new to growing vegetables, let us know and we can come and visit your garden to help get you started. There is lots of support available via our website and socials too.

Seed Library - This year, our seed library will be based out of The Work Place at 39 High Street. This space if generally open during normal office hours. The library should be ready soon - we shall let you know when the seeds are available. This year we shall again have a wide range of beautiful organic seeds. Sowing instructions and other information is available on our website. Membership to the Seed Library is for people in the Lochwinnoch area but if you live outwith the village and would like some free seeds get in touch and we will see what we can put together for you.

Seed Saving - If you’re up for having a go at saving some seed this year, it would be easiest to start with peas or beans. Let us know and we’ll try and provide some support to help you with this. Books on seed saving are available at the seed library to borrow, and more resources are available through our website. It would be great to stock the library each year with some of our own veg seeds grown here in Lochwinnoch! We’ll be putting more of a focus on supporting seed saving across this year and future years. The aim is to evolve vegetable varieties cultivated for our own specific climate. There are currently no commercial producers of vegetable seed in Scotland!

Growing Materials - We hope to be able to provide some more growing materials this year. Keep your eyes on our socials and emails for updates. As with last year we hope to have funding to help as much as possible with costs, but worst case scenario, we can probably purchase soil and compost at discounted rates and pass that discount on. Let us know what you need.

Community Growing - We are so excited about being able to start some community growing this year at sites across the village. If you would be interested in helping out as a volunteer, we would love to hear from you. Our plan is to grow vegetables here in Lochwinnoch which can be redistributed via the Community Larder. The Larder will also happily accept any surplus veg you grow at home if you get a glut or courgettes or anything else - we hope that this year participants in the project will use the Larder like a swap-shop to increase your vegetable variety.We will accept optional donations in cash or by paypal link / BACS transfer if anyone would like to donate, but there is no expectation. We hope to be able to supply other materials such as soil and planters again at discounted rates / free where possible.

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