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We're so excited to have Tan and his Academy students back in Lochwinnoch from their homes across Europe this year. And what a year they have had since we saw them last, having attended the World Massage Championships in Copenhagen in March and scooping several titles including World Champion for Tan himself!!

Tan is here through his affiliation with Thamma Thai Wellness in Lochwinnoch. Moonie and Brendan opened in July 2020, Moonie having run a successful small traditional Thai healthcare business using the healing arts of Nuad Thai (traditional Thai massage) since 2010, and Nan joined them in 2021. Their aim is to help improve the quality of life of our customers and community. They use therapeutic treatments to deal with a wide range of issues - pain relief, chronic conditions, body realignment and energy flow, as well as helping with relaxation and stress relief. They also make connections between people’s experiences and the teachings of Buddha (Dharma or Thamma in Thai).

Master Tan is a traditional Thai massage healer and teacher, and the founder of Tan Massage Academy in Germany. He has a wealth of knowledge and experience in Thai massage and Dharma (Buddha’s teaching). A number of Thai massage therapists in Germany and Switzerland as well as us in Scotland are part of the Tan Massage Academy family, and Tan and our fellow therapists organise workshops, courses and events in Europe for all the members. We’re aiming to grow the family in more countries in Europe in the future. This year the Tan Massage Academy family shone at the International Massage Championships in Athens, Sarajevo and Copenhagen.

For the Feel Good Festival this year, we’re offering some different events:

Thursday 14th & Friday 15th September, 10am at McKillop Institute garden - Thai Hermit Yoga: sometimes known as DIY massage, this form of yoga is the precursor to Thai massage. The moves and poses are designed to alleviate issues and ease stress and tension.

Thursday 14th & Friday 15th September, 6pm at Lochwinnoch Golf Club - Stillness in Movement & Movement in Stillness (meditation workshops led by Master Tan): considering the hectic lifestyles we have today, the aim of these workshops is to use meditation in realistic and practical ways to help us overcome the obstacles life presents to us.

Thursday 14th September, 2pm at Thamma Thai Wellness - Be My Guest: A freeform discussion and Q&A session with Master Tan on Dharma, life, traditional Thai massage, … The floor is yours!

Saturday 16th September, 10am to 2pm - Taster sessions at the Wellbeing Fair: Master Tan and our colleagues from Germany will join Moonie, Nan and Brendan to offer visitors to the Fair 15 minute traditional Thai massage tasters. The treatment could be seated, on a massage table, or on a floor mat, depending on what’s required.

You can see the full Feel Good programme here;

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